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Fungicide Product List

Acrobat MZ 90/600 WP

Dimethomorph + Mancozeb
CROP: Onion Potato Tomato Musk melon

DOSE/ACRE: 250-300 g

Labelled under BASF Crop protection, Acrobat is a leading fungicide of FMC which comprises of two active ingredients, Mancozeb & Dimethomorph. Mancozeb provides non-systemic muti-site protective action against fungal cells while Dimethomorph compliments it by a systemic action against molds. Acrobat has high demand on potatoes & vegetables.

DISEASE/PEST: Downy mildew Early & late blight Early and Late blight Downy mildew

Cabrio Top 60WDG

Pyraclostrobin5% + Metiram 55%
CROP: Potato Tomato Cucmber Melons

DOSE/ACRE: 600 g600 g300-400 g300-400 g

Introducing an innovation in crop protection from BASF, Cabrio Top, is a combination of Pyraclostrobin & Metiram, widely acknowledged as a mighty effective fungicide. Pyraclostrobin decreases the severity of disease and provides good resistance against it by blocking electron transport in fungi cell, thereby reducing ATP in it to prevent disease development. Metiram further supports the resistance against disease by acting as second mode of action. Thus, Cabrio Top has high efficacy against broad spectrum of diseases specifically in Orchards & Vegetables.

DISEASE/PEST: Early and Late bligh Early and Late blight Powdery & Downy mildew Powdery & Downy mildew

Kumulus 80DF

CROP: Apple Grapes Cucmber Melons

DOSE/ACRE: 200 - 700 g200 -300 g200-400 g 200 - 400 g/100 LOW

1. Effective for controlling deseases and Rust mite 2. Helps in reclaiming soils 3. Lowers soil pH 4. Make nutrients uptake possible

DISEASE/PEST: Powdery mildew

Protocol 50WP

Chlorothalonil/ Procymidione
CROP: Tomato Potato

DOSE/ACRE: 500 g

DISEASE/PEST: Grey mold Early and Late blights

Rovral 500SC

CROP: Potato Tomato Peanuts Lettuce Lucerne Almonds Apricot Peaches Plum Grapes Apple Pears


Rovral® SC provides three-way protection on valuable fruit and vegetable crops: protectant, kickback activity and local systemic activity. By penetrating the plant, Rovral is active in the surrounding tissue and slows or stops fungal growth for up to 48 hours after infection. As a group 2 fungicide, Rovral an excellent rotational product to protect fruit and vegetables from many destructive diseases. Rovral controls fungi at all stages of development, including spore germination, mycelia growth and spore production. Year in and year out, this multi-prong attack delivers consistent, reliable disease prevention while reducing the risk of resistance development in future growing seasons.Quick Facts Group 2 Fungicide Takes on key pests like sclerotinia, botrytis, brown rot blossom blight, and alternaria Provides three-way protection by means of a protectant with kickback activity and local systemic activity Penetrates the plant and provides 10- to 14-day residual activity in surrounding tissues Slows or stops fungal growth up to 48 hours after infection Is an ideal rotational partner for resistance management programs

DISEASE/PEST: Early blight, Black scurf, Sclerotinia Early blight, Sclerotinia, Grey mold Sclreotinia Sclerotinia, Grey mold Leaf Spot Blossom blight and Brown Rot Blossom blight and Brown Rot Blossom blight and Brown Rot Blossom blight and Brown Rot Grey mold Post Harvest Rot Post Harvest Rot

Shincar 50SC

CROP: Mango Apple

DOSE/ACRE: 100 ml/ 100 LOW

Shincar is a widely used systemic fungicide comprising of carbendazim chemical that belongs to Benzimidazoles group of organic compounds. Its anti fungal nature makes Shincar a prominent figure in treating many root borne diseases including Powdery Midew and Red Rot. Shincar has notable market share in Sugarcane and Orchards segments.

DISEASE/PEST: Powdery mildew

Systhane 20EW

CROP: Grapes Apple Pears Melons Cucmber Tomato Bell peper Strawberry Ornamental plants

DOSE/ACRE: 20 ml/100 LOW25-30 ml25-30 ml30-35 ml30-35 ml30-35 ml30-35 ml30-35 ml20-25 ml

Systhane® is a broad spectrum fungicide with three way action: preventive, curative and eradicant. It has systemic action and excellent vapor activity.It has one hour of rainfastness which means it’s resistant to wash off by rain or irrigation water when applied 1hour before rainfall.It is registered for the control of powdery mildew in grape, scab in apple and powdery mildew, leaf spots and die back in chilli.Systhane® has the active ingredient, myclobutanil, which belongs to the triazole group of compounds.Its xylem mobile which makes it move from treated tissue into new growth, protects foliage and new growth between applications.

DISEASE/PEST: Powdery mildew, Black rot Scab and Powdery mildew Scab and Pwodery mildew Powdery mildew Powdery mildew Powdery mildew Powdery mildew Powdery mildew Powdery mildewScab, Rust and Powdery mildew

Kocide 3000

52.4% WG
CROP: Citrus, Mallon, Potato


Kocide is the U.S. leader in copper-based fungicide/bactericide product. For more than 50 years, Kocide products have been manufactured in the U.S. and have proven to be the most trusted, proven, reliable and technologically advanced copper fungicides on the market. With enhanced BioActive™ technology and a patented manufacturing process, Kocide provides superior disease control. Tested and proven by universities around the world, Kocide effectively control many diseases on fruit, vegetable, citrus and a variety of other crops.

DISEASE/PEST: Early Blight, Late Blight, Citrus Canker, Anthracnose